5th July 2018 | The Oberoi, New Delhi
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Aviation & Defence Universe is a specialist news and information website. It covers the armed forces, homeland security, defence industry, civil aviation and international relations.

ADU plans to be knowledge and media partners to various conferences and seminars organized in and out of India, dealing with aviation, defence, homeland security, defence industry, research & development and civil aviation. Blitzkrieg coverage of air-shows, land & naval-shows, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops in both India and abroad, is its aim.

Special sections on special days, about specific armament, equipment, technologies, institutions, organizations, armed forces and related subjects, will always be its endeavour.

And of course regular coverage in all formats, be it interviews, features, reports, by-lined articles and editorials both signed and unsigned, will be its pursuit.

Adhering to our catch line - We just report facts, we don’t change them- ADU has always aimed at journalism at its ethical best.

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Sustainability Next is India’s widely-read web-magazine that aims to excite entrepreneurs, executives and students about the possibility of positively impacting people and planet through profits. It’s objective is to influence policy that promotes social and ecological entrepreneurship at all levels. It’s easily accessible content helps bridge the wide gap between academia and industry. Its largely peer-to-peer content is targeted at inspiring graduate students to take the plunge into the social sector.

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Saur Energy International is the highest read solar energy Magazine in India and enjoys the maximum readership than any other solar or power related media. Saur Energy International magazine circulation is 15,000 print copies and over 200,000 digital copy views. Saur Energy’s unique and research oriented content is read globally. Our daily news letters are reaching to thousands of industry “think tanks” helping industry with policies, products and strategy to achieve their goals. In-housing expertise in the solar sector we deliver you jam-pack full of information on today’s happenings. Our portfolio is innovation but our transition is tomorrow’s vision.

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ELECTRICAL & POWER INFO, magazine contains a well composed information and it represents right balance of Electrical and Power sector and it reviews smart grid technology, Current scenario, energy efficiency and much more. Magazine regularly publishes insight into industry's news, development, latest happening industry updates, market growth with a broad view of sector News, Analysis, Cover story, Projects, Technology developments, Product update, environmental and features at a national level. We also strive to introduce new talent through our regular features & interviews. E & P Info aim to provide the most authentic and informative editorial content including Cover story and Special features to broaden the horizons of editorial and its surroundings to its readers. It offers high value to advertisers as it delivers to an audience that is not only hooked to the magazine but also engaged in all key decision making processes regarding choice and purchase of materials. Advertising in E & P Info magazine is an investment in growth, generating opportunities, positioning a brand and reaching thousands of potential clients. We help in promoting and communicating your firm’s differentiators to a targeted mass audience. Readership profile: "ELECTRICAL & POWER INFO" Targets

Power contractors, Energy- intensive industries, Power Generation, Power Distribution, Capital Power industries & Industry under PAT regulation. Processing industries, Hospitals, Commercial Malls, Heavy industries, HVAC Companies, Electrical & Power Companies, Telecom, Pump manufacturers, SEB’S, Government sectors, Electrical Contractors & Consultants, Corporate Houses, AMI solution providers and System Integrators, Energy Service Companies, Testing Institutes, Utility Service Providers, Solar & Wind Farm Equipment manufacturers, Captive Power generators, Manufacturers of Energy meters etc...