Supporting Organisations
PTC India Ltd. was set up in April 1999 by Government of India (Ministry of Power) to develop power market in India.

PTC was promoted by four major central Public Sector Undertakings leading the power sector, namely - NTPC (the largest thermal power generator of India), Power Grid (the largest transmission utility of India), PFC (the largest power sector financing institution) and NHPC (the largest Hydel generator in India).

PTC was set up with a mandate to catalyze development of Mega and other large power projects by acting as a single entity to enter into PPAs with IPPs on one side and multipartite PPAs with users / State Electricity Boards under long term arrangement on the other, thus insulating the IPPs from receivables risks.

PTC has also been mandated for power trading to optimally utilize the existing resources in the country as also promoting exchange of power with neighboring countries

PTC has been able to increase the awareness of the advantages of trading of power, which enables State Power Utilities to sell power either round the clock or during certain hours of the day or during certain seasons at a price above their incremental cost of generation and enabling the deficit states to obtain power at a much lower cost than what they would have to incur for new capacities.

The development of a robust power market in India has resulted in increased private sector participation in the Indian power market. Further, PTC has been instrumental in establishing power exchange in India.

Cross Border Trade: . Government of India has identified PTC as a nodal agency to deal with matters relating to exchange of power between India and Nepal and existing projects in Bhutan.
  • Bhutan: A track record of successfully managing import of entire surplus power of Bhutan since year 2002. The supply is from Chukha, Tala and Kurichu HEPs in Bhutan to various states in India. Recently PTC has signed PPA for purchase of power from 118 MW Nikachu HEP in Bhutan through competitive bidding process.
  • Nepal: PTC has signed PSA with NEA for supply of 150 MW on long term basis(25 years). PTC is supplying 35 MWs to NEA on short term.
  • Bangladesh: PTC is supplying 250 MW power to Bangladesh. The same was through competitive bidding process conducted by Bangladesh
Besides this, we have diversified our business portfolio to provide services in the entire energy value chain. Our subsidiary, PTC India Financial Services Ltd. provides debt and equity financing to various projects in the infrastructure sector. PTC Energy Ltd., our wholly owned subsidiary, meets fuel needs of various power developers in the country.

PTC is also playing an important role in the development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency measures in the country.

Financial Results for FY 2013-14: PTC ‘s total revenues on standalone basis increased by 30% to Rs. 11510.71 Crores. Trading volumes were up 23%, to 35,130 Million Units (MUs) and PAT increased by 95%, to Rs. 251.23 Crores.
IPPAI was set up as a not-for-pro¬fit association shortly after the Government of India opened the power sector to private industry. Since its inception as an independent body in 1994, IPPAI’s aim has been to provide a neutral platform for the examination of issues critical to the development of the power sector in India, to discuss energy policy and to focus on strategic, fi¬nancial, legal, regulatory and technical issues in the power, oil, gas and allied sectors with a prime focus on independent power producers.