Platinum Partner
Ravin Group is an Indian Multinational making significant contributions to the power & energy sector since the last 65 years. The Group consists of diverse business verticals that are focused on creating innovative products & providing world class services.

The values of Safety, Dependability & Sustainability clearly reflect in the comprehensive range of products and services offered across all the 5 verticals; Energy Cables upto 220 kV, Solar Energy Solutions & Tracking Systems, EHV Installations & EPC Services, Power Equipments, and Retail Energy Solutions such as Power banks, Solar chargers and LEDs.

The Group’s focused approach towards quality and proven technical prowess has lead to the successful creation of world class projects and also powered infrastructure development.

Today the Group operates with four building blocks as its philosophy –
  • Quality
  • Reliability & dependability
  • Timeliness of execution
  • Customer satisfaction
With an innovative, entrepreneurial and forward thinking approach, the Group focuses on R & D, creating value and attaining global benchmarks. The Group nurtures a culture of caring, trust, empowerment, and constant learning, while meeting expectations of employees, stakeholders and society.

With the changing industry trends & the world needs, Ravin Group is progressing towards a GREEN arena where Energy Meets Sustainability.