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ICPPA is an all India Apex body of Captive Power Producers; with members from all major industrial sectors viz. Steel, Cement, Aluminum, Chemicals, Textile, Paper, Engineering, Fertilizer, Sugar etc. using all forms of energy sources i.e. coal, oil, Gas, Hydro, Waste Heat, Solar, Wind, etc.

With Base in Delhi, ICPPA uses its advantage of regular interaction with policy makers and is known for its frank expression of opinions and facts.

Energy is basic need for "INDIA FIRST", i.e. Indian Global competitiveness, National Growth, and improving life of its 1.3 billion citizens through affordable power & energy.

At present, ICPPA is soliciting Industry support to De-burden Coal & Power from abnormally high taxes, bring cost effectiveness and remove obstacles to achieve "Least Indian Energy Cost" and Non-discriminatory Equitable distribution of natural sources:

Coal has near 70% share of Indian energy but at pit-head it is 4 to 5 times costlier than Chinese pit-head cost (on PPP - Purchase Price Parity) because Coal is taxed @ more than 100% of CIL selling price and additional 30% to 50% cost charged from captive power plants.

Today Indian Coal and Power Costs are in highest Global Bracket (on PPP). Thus, any Logic, Argument or Policy that increases the Energy cost for nation must be immediately corrected if we want to truly achieve "INDIA FIRST".