The Economic Times Power Focus Summit
Since the last 3 successful editions of the Power Focus Summit, The Economic Times endeavors to bring together the stakeholders of the industry - Govt & Private- on a common platform to deliberate on key challenges & resolution for a better, effective & smooth running of the Power & Energy sector. In an attempt to work collaboratively towards a better & energy abundant future, it is imperative for the fraternity to invest their time & effort.... read more

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The ‘Power’ Story
India is set for a major transformation owing to the reforms Govt is introducing for a better life, thereby bringing opportunities to every critical sectors of Growth, Energy being one such significant sector. Being the third largest economy in the world & at the centre stage of many global interactions & investments, the modernization of our economy is at the realm of a huge impetus due to the growing manufacturing push.

In the coming decade or so due to rapid urbanization & further economic development, huge pockets of population will be shifted from rural to urban sectors hence accelerating the energy need owing to vast industrialization encouraging the policy makers to take strenuous measures to ensure ‘power for all’ Although the use of energy has doubled since FY’ 2000, however the consumption has still a lot of catching up to do as it is just one third of the global average consumption. Some of the challenges Energy Sector’s precarious financial state is still a bone of contention for the upliftment of the industry. Hence, despite the measure taken by Government to strengthen the Power Sector, a lot still needs to be taken care of.