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Council of Power Utilities

An umbrella organization of power utilities in India, the Council of Power Utilities was established in 1983 and aims at formulating solutions of problems besetting the power supply industry through interaction between indigenous utilities and also between utilities of developed and developing countries.

The year 2014 marks the 31st year since the establishment of Council of Power Utilities. We are proud to say that in today’s time, as more and more associations are cropping up, ours has stood the test of time for three decades and will continue to serve the best interest of the nation’s energy sector in general and the electrical sector in particular.

The Council conducts meetings and gatherings at regular intervals in the form of Conferences, workshops, expert group meetings and the like.

It also has a vast and intensive bank of books & publications on various aspects of the electricity supply industry. One among them is the India Power Journal. India Power has entered it’s 26th year of successful publication and has a readership of 80,000 annually. The Journal is circulated not only to the premier institutes in India like the IITs and the IIMs, but also travels abroad to many countries.

Another ingenious initiative taken by the Council is the India Power Awards. Where there are so many accreditations being given away to people, the India Power Awards stands as a credible platform in recognizing the invaluable contributions made by individuals and organizations.

Coupled with the broad belief that the Council has, it has another very essential factor that distinguishes it from the crowd. The Six member Jury-The Jury Members are few of the stalwarts of the Energy Sector that bear vast knowledge and wisdom, along with immense experience. They comprise of- Shri P Abraham, Shri H.L Bajaj, Dr. C.R Prasad, Dr. H.R Sharma & Shri C.V.J Varma.

In the wake of liberalization, the Council provides an excellent forum for all the players in the power and associate sectors like water resources, water ways, oil, gas etc to seek solutions and strive for economically and environmentally sustainable development strategies.
Indian Captive Power Producers Association

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